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Complimentary White Paper: How to Select the Right Rapid Method

Not sure what system is right for testing your products? Learn the 5 key success factors in this free white paper.

Celsis products are designed to meet the needs of today’s manufacturers for fast, efficient and safe product release

We specialize in robust systems that give you the definitive test results you need to quickly test and release your raw materials, work in process and finished goods. 

Count on Celsis to deliver fast and reliable results from rugged, compact systems designed for industry that are easy to implement and even easier to use.

Each Celsis system includes:

  • Luminometer (instrument) and operating software
  • Reagent kits optimized for your testing requirements
  • On-site training, IQ/OQ and quick-start validation
  • Global service and world-class technical and scientific support

Please select your industry to see the available product range.

Home & Beauty

Recommended for: home care and cleaning products; personal care and cosmetics products; paint, solvent, adhesives, fuel and inks; chemicals, raw materials and ingredients; similar products that are typically free of bioburden.

Food & Beverage

Recommended for: ultra heat treated (UHT) and extended shelf life (ESL) products; products in aseptic packaging; high or low pH juices and purees, soups, sauces, soy, seed and nut milks, broths, syrups, condiments; dairy and non-dairy creamers, dessert mixes; ingredients, flavors and colors; additional products that are packaged aseptically.


Recommended for: pharmaceuticals including capsules, tablets, OTC medications, ocular solutions, wound care, injectables, medical devices and more, including APIs, chemicals, water for injectables and other ingredients. Suitable for: microbial limits testing on products typically free of bioburden; clean room monitoring; sterile products testing. 

Celsis systems test the widest range of materials and products using RapiScreen, a growth-based ATP bioluminescence system, or AMPiScreen, a proprietary technology that amplifies the amount of ATP present in a sample for even faster detection.

If you can test your products using traditional methods, you can test your products with Celsis. Contact us with your questions. 

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